Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parent Blog Comments & Suggestions - post them here!


  1. There are many scholarships out there, so you must find the one that

    matches your needs. We all have our unique talents and skills.

    Whether you are the science wiz of your class, a passionate activist,

    or total animal and nature lover, there is a scholarship just for you.

    school scholarships

  2. Thanks for putting up the link. As parents I agree we need to help our kids find and develop their unique talents and skills. I encourage my kids to try pretty much everything, you never know what you're going to unexpectedly love to learn or do. And it's a good way to rule out what you don't like, too! Bev H

  3. Has anyone had difficulty scheduling high school classes for their kids? I have heard about the calculus/governor's school conflict and my son had trouble scheduling upper level math and science classes (they seem to be offered the same block). Any other issues?